Business Scope

Oasis Executive Searching Group developed a "critical points control system" to optimize project completion.

Executive searching firms in Western countries are considered more sophisticated than those in China, at least in theory. However, head hunting firms may encounter obstacles if these methods are strictly copied in China. Nevertheless, those theories and practices that have proven successful and workable in Western countries, combined with the realities of working in China, are the pedestal of local firms' business.

Local firms divide business workflow into 8, 12, 17 or even more steps. However, the number of steps is not the key. The key to the process is to determine the points that will vitally affect the final completion of a project, to foresee the possibility of problems, and to pre-set corresponding action plans which could eliminate or minimize the possibility of those difficulties.

A project might fail due to the market situation, consultant qualifications, client's recruiting plans, client's perception of the head hunters, candidate's credibility, or government laws and regulations, which makes a long list of potential problems. An event that appears totally unnoticeable may possibly lead to the domino effect. Based on a comprehensive study of all those factors, experience, and lessons learned during their years of experience, Oasis Executive Searching Group has developed the "Critical Points Control" system.

The Critical Points Control system starts from business marketing and continues through to the candidate reporting on duty. It also extends to the career development after the candidate arrives on-board. So far, 5 critical points have been located and defined, the factors that affect these 5 points have been analyzed, and pre-set action plans have been prepared.

Oasis Executive Searching Group has applied this system to its business operations. It has functioned well so far, but by its design it is a work in progress. The Critical Points Control system improves each time we succeed and each time we do not.